Fifteen tips received in double kidnapping case

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The police received 15 tips regarding the abduction of Wendle Meijer and Soufyan Essabaouni since Tuesday night's broadcast of Opsporing Verzocht, in which more information on the case was revealed and a reward was offered, ANP reports.

The Noord-Holland-Noord police could not say whether the tips contained any useful information. Most of the tips regard the cars used in the kidnappings.

Wendel Meijer (36) was kidnapped from Zaandam on Tuesday last week and Soufyan Essabaouni disappeared from a parking lot in Zwanenburg on Thursday. The police believe the kidnapping was the result of a argument in the criminal world, possibly a rip-deal.

The Telegraaf reports that a fourth abduction may now also be connected to this case, but a police spokesperson could not confirm this to ANP. The spokesperson could also not say anything about the identity of the victim in the third kidnapping in this case.