Dutch narrowly against Nexit referendum, but 70% of low educated are in favor

A narrow majority of 53 percent of Dutch voters are against holding a referendum on whether or not the Netherlands should stay in the European Union, according to Maurice de Hond's latest poll. Among Dutch voters with a low education, 69 percent want a Nexit referendum.

De Hond noticed a clear difference in the opinion on "almost all important political topics" among Dutch voters of varying education level. 47 percent of all Dutch voters want a Nexit referendum, for example. Among highly educated only 31 percent want a referendum, among low educated it is 70 percent. 43 percent of all Dutch voters will vote for the Netherlands to leave the EU should their be a referendum. Among highly educated only 28 percent will vote for a Nexit, among low educated it is 64 percent.

Recent polls on whether or not the Netherlands should have a Nexit referendum showed quite different results. In a poll by EenVandaag 54 percent wanted a referendum and 48 percent would vote for a Nexit. A DJV Insights poll showed that 36 percent want a referendum and 56 percent are against leaving the EU. A TNS Nipo poll said that 38 percent want a referendum and 51 percent are against a Nexit.

According to De Hond, the differences can be attributed to the different composition of each study's survey group.

In Great-Britain low educated people were also more in favor of a Brexit than highly educated voters. Thursday's Brexit referendum had a higher-than-expected turnout among low educated voters. De Hond expects that this may also be the case if the Netherlands holds a similar referendum, making a Nexit a definite possibility.