Amsterdam heightens security as undefined threat targets Sensation dance party

Sensation 'Angels and Demons' at the Amsterdam ArenA 2 July 2016 (Photo: @sensation/Twitter)Sensation 'Angels and Demons' at the Amsterdam ArenA 2 July 2016 (Photo: @sensation/Twitter)

Amsterdam's mayor, prosecutor and police decided to give dance festival Sensation, happening in the Amsterdam Arena this Saturday, extra security after getting a "signal" that relates to the event. "The goal is to have the event happen as festively and safely as possible", the Amsterdam municipality writes in a statement on Monday.

The municipality did not say exactly what signal was received, only that it fit into the national threat level of "substantial". This signal does not mean an increased threat, according to the municipality, but by taking extra measures they are putting safety first.

The city emphasizes that this is not the first signal of its kind aimed at Amsterdam and should therefore not be taken out of proportion. "It is a reality that all major cities in Europe have to deal with at the moment." Just like in the rest of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is therefore extra vigilant around major events.

The additional security measures will be visible and invisible and visitors will notice some of them them, according to the city. The core of the measures is that all visitors will be searched, the surrounding area will be patrolled and no cars will be allowed in the transfer point under the Amsterdam Arena.