Dutch PM: Britain's decision to leave EU "disappointing"

Prime Minister Mark Rutte finds the results of the Brexit referendum disappointing, he said to broadcaster NOS. In a referendum on Thursday the British population voted that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union.

"The British must now decide what they want. Stability is paramount for the Netherlands. It seems irreversible, but you never know what will happen", the Prime Minister said. Rutte previously stated that he had full confidence that the British population will make the right decision and stay a member of the EU.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged that there is dissatisfaction with the EU in the Netherlands. "This dissatisfaction also lives in me, but cooperation in the EU of vital importance for a trading nation like he Netherlands, also for our security and prosperity", he said.

PVV leader Geert Wilders wasted no time on Friday morning as soon as it became clear that Britain voted for a Brexit.

All the votes in the referendum were counted and the final results show that 51.9 percent of British voters want to leave the EU. 48.1 percent voted against a Brexit, according to the BBC