Valkenburg loverboy back in court over parole violation

Armin A. is back in custody only 6 months after being released on parole. He has to appear in court on Friday to explain why he violated a restraining order and sabotaged his ankle monitor, ANP reports.

The 22-year-old loverboy was in prison in July last year. He was found guilty of inciting a 16 year old girl into in 2014. He was released in December on a number of conditions - conditions he now broke the Public Prosecutor confirmed to ANP. The Prosecutor would not comment any further.

A.'s lawyer Arthur Vonken told Limburg media that the charger of A.'s ankle monitor broke three times, though he denies that A. broke it intentionally. Nino Pennino, the lawyer representing the 16-year-old girl Kimberly, told the local newspapers that A. violated his restraining order several times by entering the area where the girl lives. He did not manage to get into contact with Kimberly, according to Pennino.

The prosecutor with sex with an underage prostitute. Two of them were Two were given prison for 5 and 6 months respectively and 24 others were sentenced to . The last suspect, a 24-year-old Belgian, appeared in court on Tuesday. He hasn't been sentenced yet.

The Public Prosecutor filed appeals in many of these cases. The appeals will appear in court in November.