Over 10 percent drop in adult crime suspects

The Dutch police registered a total of 173,810 adults as suspects in some kind of crime last year, a 12 percent drop compared to 2014. That is the largest decline in the past decade, Statistics Netherlands reported on Wednesday.

A total of 22,490 juvenile suspects - kids between 12 and 18 years old - were registered in 2015. That means that 178 per 10 thousand kids between the ages of 12 and 18 years in the Netherlands were suspected of a crime last year. Among adults it is 107 per 10 thousand.

In all of the Netherlands, The Hague had the most adults suspected of a crime last year, adjusted by population. Amsterdam had the most juvenile suspects.

The number of crime suspects is more than twice as high in Dutch cities than in non-city communities in the Netherlands.

Property crime like burglary and theft is the most common offense among both adults and juveniles. After that adults are most often suspects of violent crimes and young people of vandalism and disturbance of Public Order.


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