Twenty percent of Netherlands kids don’t live with their fathers

An increasing number of kids in the Netherlands do not live with their father. Last year 549 thousand children under the age of 16 did not live with their father. That is 18 percent of all kids in the Netherlands, a 5 percent increase compared to 1995, Statistics Netherlands announced on Friday.

Statistics Netherlands contributes the increase mainly two the fact that more parents separate or get divorced.

The older the child are, the more often they do not live with their fathers. With babies under the age of 1 year, 11 percent don't live with their fathers. Among 15-year-olds, it is 25 percent.

Of the children who still live under the same roof as their father, almost all also have their mother living in the home. Only 2 percent live with only their father or their father and a new partner. After divorce, children usually go to live with their mother. Last year 13 percent lived with only their mom, and 4 percent with their mother and a new partner.