Online sex billboards won’t be banned, removed from Dutch highways

Webcam sex advertisement in Amsterdam (Photo: @bartlup/Twitter)Webcam sex advertisement in Amsterdam (Photo: @bartlup/Twitter)

No extra measures will be taken against online sex advertisements in public areas - they will not be banned or removed, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice said in response to questions from SGP leader Kees van der Staaij, NOS reports.

The Minister believes that the Advertising Code Commission offers ample opportunity to complain and object to advertisements you find offensive. Municipalities can also discuss objectionable advertisements with the advertisers themselves.

Van der Staaij brought this topic to the Minister's attention because his party is worried about billboards for online sex, such as one for that was recently seen near a playground in Assen. The municipality had the posters removed.

The Christian party wants the Dutch government to do more to fight against erotic billboards and to protect good morals. "We should not let our streets be hijacked by the sex and porn industry", Van der Staai said. But he could not convince Van der Steur to impose fines and set up additional advertisement guidelines.

Earlier this year the SGP also launched a campaign to ban adultery advertisements.