Six years in prison for Leeuwarden bottle murder


Udo D. was sentenced to six years in prison and compulsory psychiatric treatment on Tuesday. The 39-year-old Leeuwarden man stood trial for beating a random woman to death with a bottle and stabbing a prostitute.

The court found him guilty of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. D. was given institutionalized psychiatric treatment because he was psychotic while he committed these crimes. The sentence corresponds to what the Public Prosecutor demanded.

The court found his statement that he stabbed the prostitute in self-defense, because she tried to stabbed him first, "unlikely".

D.'s case caused quite an uproar when it was revealed that he was a former psychiatric patient  released despite grounds to keep him institutionalized. The Security and Justice Inspectorate is currently investigating this release.

The psychiatric treatment D. was given in this case will be reevaluated for the need of renewal every two years. It is possible that he will be stuck in an psychiatric institution for the rest of his life. "This treatment is not only in the interest of the suspect, but also of society", the judge ruled.