Naturalis' T-Rex named after Princess Beatrix

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Photo: Naturalis)Tyrannosaurus Rex (Photo: Naturalis)

Biodiversity museum Naturalis in Leiden have chosen a name for their Tyrannosaurus Rex, which will be displayed in their Plague House from September 10th. The dinosaur is a female and can thus be seen as the Queen of the Dinosaurs. Naturalis therefore decided to name her Trix, in honor of former Dutch Queen Beatrix, the museum announced on Thursday.

According to Naturalis, many people suggested Trix as a name over the past months. It is the nickname the Netherlands has been using for years for Princess Beatrix. "And we happily listen to this choice of the public", the museum said.

Trix was excavated by Naturalis paleontologists in Montana in September 2013. In December 2014 money was raised to bring the skeleton to the Netherlands. The museum will soon be the only one outside the United States to have a T-Rex.