Mildew, dust, blood: Dutch hotel rooms often unhygienic

Hotel room (Photo: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons)Hotel room (Photo: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons)

Dutch hotel rooms are often unhygienic, according to a study done by consumers' association Consumentenbond. The association anonymously investigated 30 hotel rooms and found thick layers of dust on the floor, mildew and stains on the walls and yellow circles, hair and even blood on mattresses.

Consumentenbond booked hotel rooms in 3 and 4 star hotels in both hotel chains and privately owned hotels. Investigators studied the rooms with the naked eye and with a UV-lamp. They also took samples that were tested in a laboratory for bacteria.

The New Ocean Paradise hotel in Rotterdam scored the worst. Researchers found dust, debris and stains on floors and doors. They found mold and mildew on the bedding. And E.coli bacteria, also known as poop-bacteria, on the shower floor.

The Grand Hotel Central in Rotterdam also scored badly. There researchers found stains and hair on the mattress. When they flipped it, they found a large stain of dried blood on the back. According to the association, the hotel is shocked by the results and promised to improved.

The Delta Hotel and Season Star hotel in Amsterdam also scored "particularly badly", according to the association.

Only 7 of the 30 inspected hotels were below the bacteria limit in all areas of the inspected rooms. In 22 hotels the bacterial count was too high. "In other words: poor hygiene", according to the association. Researchers also found E.coli in the Hotel de Doelen in Groningen and Hotel de Tabaksplant in Amersfoort, though not so much as in the New Ocean Paradise hotel. Both hotels promised to rectify the matter immediately.