Mother of three babies found dead sentenced to 3 years imprisonment

A court in Alkmaar sentenced Yasmine M. to three years in prison, one of which conditionally suspended, on Tuesday. M. is the mother of three baby girls whose bodies were discovered in Alkmaar and Heerhugowaard in 2014 and 2015. She was convicted of child manslaughter and hiding the three bodies, reports.

In addition to the prison sentence, M. was given a 10 year probation period during which she must undergo regular examinations for pregnancy. She must also undergo psychiatric treatment for a personality disorder. The Public Prosecutor demanded 4 years in prison, one of which suspended, with a 10 year probation and mandatory treatment.

M. was arrested last fall after a DNA match proved her the mother of two dead babies found in Heerhugowaard. Later another baby, whose body was found in a park in Alkmaar in 2014, was also found to be hers. The baby girls were later named Skye, Caitlyn and Angelina.

The two Heerhugowaard babies were carried to term. Angelina was born prematurely. In none of the cases could it be determined whether the babies were born alive or stillborn. Cause of death was also impossible to determine.

The court ruled that given the fact that at least two babies were carried full-term, there is a good chance that they were born alive. As M. later stated that she cared for one of the babies, baby Skye, for days before finding her dead in the bath, the court considers it proven that at least one child was born alive. According to the court. M. consciously accepted the risk of drowning when leaving the child in the bath and she is therefore responsible for Skye's death.