Politician Jos van Rey insists innocence; prosecutor demands prison time

The Public Prosecutor demanded a two year prison sentence against former VVD politician Jos van Rey in court on Tuesday. The Limburg politician vehemently denies the charges of bribery, election fraud and money laundering against him and claims to be "totally perplexed" by the Prosecutor's demand.

"For forty years I fought hard for the citizens of this country", former Roermond alderman Van Rey said to broadcaster NOS as he left the Rotterdam court on Tuesday. "Apparently this is the thanks I get."

According to Van Rey, the prosecutors are lying and distorting the facts. "I am ashamed of this country if the Public Prosecutor can destroy families in this way", he said, calling the prosecutors fraudsters. "I acted transparently, with the interests of the city of Redmond or of Limburg first. Never my own interests. Never!"