Police raid ex-No Surrender boss' home

A team of about 40 investigators raided the home of Klaas Otto, former leader of motorcycle gang No Surrender, on Wednesday. The raid at the caravan camp on Rijsselbergen in Bergen op Zoom forms part of a money laundering investigation, the Telegraaf reports.

A spokesperson for the police Willem-Jan Uytdehage told Weekblad De Bode that no arrests were made so far. A special team is looking for hidden areas in the home. "We are especially looking for securities, cash and other valuables", Uytdehage said. "The expenditure of the 48 year old resident of the property does not match his income, which may indicate possible money laundering."

In addition to the raid on the caravan camp, the police also searched a building in Oosterhout, where they hoped to find some of Otto's administration.