Thousands celebrate PSV Eindhoven's championship

Eindhoven covered in red and white after PSV's victory in the Eredivisie, 8 May 2016 (Photo: @psveindhoven/Twitter)Eindhoven covered in red and white after PSV's victory in the Eredivisie, 8 May 2016 (Photo: @psveindhoven/Twitter)

PSV supporters flooded Eindhoven on Sunday to celebrate their clubs victory in the Eredivisie. In what was a surprise even to the KNVB, PSV Eindhoven managed to snatch the cup on the final play day of the league, NOS reports.

Eindhoven's entertainment area Stratumseind was covered in supporters dressed in red and white on Sunday afternoon. The party eventually spread out to the rest of the city center during the course of the evening and beer, chanting and red and white covered much of the city.

The official award ceremony is scheduled for Monday, but that did not stop fans from shouting their congratulations at their team as the bus arrived. The players celebrated with the fans for a short while, before leaving for a private party at the club.

The official championship trophy was in Doetinchem on Sunday afternoon, because the KNVB considered it more likely that Ajax would win the championship. Which means that PSV received a replica trophy in Zwolle. The real trophy made its way to PSV on Sunday night, with KNVB Gijs de Jong handing it over from the trunk of his car in a parking lot at Ravenstijn.

The riot police closed the pedestrian underpass at Eindhoven station for some time. They were concerned about reports that Ajax and Feyenoord supporters were heading to Eindhoven by train. PSV supporters' cafe Aftrap is also located at the station. The precautions paid off and there were no confrontations. The tunnel was later opened again. According to the police, there were no arrests.