"Racist": Extreme right wing stickers pop up all over Zeeland town

The police are looking for the perpetrators behind dozens right-wing extremist stickers found in several places in Hulst over the past month. According to the police, the stickers contain various types of images, "but they all have a racist or right-wing extremist nature".

According to the police, the stickers are "discriminatory and inflammatory" and they "pollute the streets and municipal property. They were found stuck to traffic lights, traffic signs, light poles and other street furniture, Mayor Jan Frans Mulder said to Omroep Zeeland.

The stickers contain texts like Close the bordersProtect Europe and Own people first. The municipality will remove them from the street facade as soon as possible.

The police are looking for witnesses or anyone who can give more information about the perpetrators behind these stickers.

This is not the first instance of anti-asylum seekers graffiti in the Netherlands. In September last year, railway stations in Montfoort, Limburg, Woerden and Utrecht were covered in slogans including "No refugees" and "Fuck off to your own country".