Billiards hall hit in armed robbery, arson attempt

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Two men suspected of the armed robbery of a pocket billiards and snooker hall, are also believed to have set the building on fire in the course of the crime,  police said. The Zevenbergen, Noord-Brabant facility was raided sometime before 12:30 a.m. on Monday by men simply described by the victim as being “taller” and “shorter,” both of whom are on the loose.

The victim managed to escape from the fire, and alert a colleague who then notified police. The fire department were called to the scene by 12:27 a.m., and struck out the fire within about a half hour. Arson investigators picked up where the first responders left off, and will try to put the pieces together to determine the exact origin of the fire, and its relation to the robbery.

An undisclosed amount of cash was taken from the scene. It was not revealed what types of weapons the robbers were carrying at the time of the incident.

Police were able to collect statements from the victim and also a witness, who at the scene of the crime. However as of Monday morning, police have revealed little to the public about the two people at large.