Fans, residents support samba band in shut down by police on King’s Night

Samba Sabor (Photo: Samba Sabor/Facebook). (Samba Sabor (Photo: Samba Sabor/Facebook))

Support is streaming in for samba band Samba Sabor after enforcement officers nipped their performance in the bud in Utrecht on King's Night. 

The band was chased away from two separate locations, spokesperson Albert Moes said to the Telegraaf. First from Voorstraat and then from Stadhuisbrug, despite the more than 100 people watching the performance. The same enforcers were involved in both cases.

The band now has to pay a 180 euro fine, plus 9 euros administration fee, for "performing without authorization", according to Moes. "Very disappointing" Moes said. "That fine must be paid by the club. That means less money for lessons and instrument maintenance."

On Facebook support is streaming in for the band, that usually plays free for charities. City council factions GroenLinks, PvdA, and VVD also submitted written questions about the matter, given that the municipality's website nowhere states that making music is not allowed. They want the fine scrapped.