Dutch “horror dentist” gets 8 years in French prison

Dutchman Mark van N., better known as the horror dentist, was sentenced to eight years in prison by a court in Nevers, France on Tuesday. The court convicted him of mutilating and defrauding over a 100 victims in the French town of Chateau-Chinon. Van N. is also banned from practicing as a dentist ever again, AD reports.

The sentence corresponds to what the prosecutor demanded. 

Van N. settled in Chateau-Chinon in 2008 and proceeded to mutilate 100's of his about 2,800 patients due to ignorance in the exercise of his profession, according to the court. He drugged patients with too much anesthesia, pulled healthy teeth, used the wrong crowns, broke jaws and left medical equipment in his patients' gums. A fellow dentist described Van N.'s methods as "cruel and perverse".

The dentist was arrested in Canada in September 2014 based on an international arrest warrant issued against him. He was deported to the Netherlands after confessing to killing his wife by assisted suicide. In January the Netherlands extradited him to France, where he awaited his trial in custody.