Prison inmates to get tablets in high tech cost-cutting measure

The Ministry of Security and Justice plans to soon give thousands of prisoners a tablet. According to the Ministry, prisons are becoming more modern and it is important to keep up. The tablets will also help cut costs, AD reports.

Prisoners will be able to use the tablets to arrange their own visits and business, buy groceries, read books, watch TV and follow online courses. This means that the televisions currently in the cells can be removed and the prison shops and libraries can close, cutting costs.

"It is important in today's society to be self-reliant", a spokesperson for the Ministry said to the newspaper. "That we also want to teach prisoners by, among other things, letting plan their own visits and order their own groceries."

The prisoners will only be allowed to visit pre-approved sites. And the tablets will have extra-tight security software installed to prevent prisoners from carrying out criminal activities from within their cells.