Tickets on sale for “Art of Banksy” exhibit in Amsterdam

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Ticket sales are underway for “The Art of Banksy,” a new exhibition getting its European debut at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The show features a collection of paintings and sculptures by the well-known, yet mostly anonymous street artist.

“There are over 85 art pieces in the exhibition, which makes it the biggest show of Banksy,” said curator Steve Lazarides, an English art gallery owner and Banksy’s former agent. ”What we are doing is to make the whole scenario a unique and never seen experience.” he stated.

The exhibition opens June 18, and closes at the end of September. Different forms of interactive storytelling will take visitors from the person’s beginnings, through his rise to fame as a controversial, message-driven artist.

It is the second major Banksy exhibit in Amsterdam this year. The artist is featured at the new Moco Museum as part of a joint exhibit with artwork by Andy Warhol. Less than two years ago, a special installation Banksy made with the aim of raising awareness for the refugee crisis in Syria was projected onto the Rijksmuseum, and several other institutions around the world.