Train, Leiden station evacuated after weapons-related phone call

Three people were still in custody Wednesday afternoon in connection with a police response to reportedly shady comments made during a phone call onboard a train travelling from Schiphol Airport to Leiden a night earlier. Police in the Netherlands evacuated part of the Leiden Centraal train station Tuesday at about 9 p.m. after a passenger on a train approaching the station overheard a telephone conversation about weapons.

The passenger, praised by police for being attentive, called emergency services line 1-1-2, with authorities then ordering the train halted at a Leiden platform, police said. Officers responding to the scene  boarded the train and arrested the passenger who was discussing weaponry. He was travelling with two others, and they were also taken into custody.

The train was searched, but nothing dubious was found. A portion of the station including the rear platform was also kept closed for the investigation.

Those taken into custody are either 18 or 19 years of age, each hailing from either Delft or Den Haag, Zuid-Holland. They were still on custody as of 1 p.m on Wednesday, while the investigation continues, police said.