Travellers to get climate damage rating before booking holidays

From this autumn travel agencies' trip information will include data on how much damage consumers' vacations will cause to the climate. Travel industry association ANVR is currently researching how to best make this information available.

"The ideal is that consumers can calculate their travel footprint themselves on an app or website. But we are not there yet. Behind the scenes we, with a group of travel companies, are examining how consumers can best inform themselves about the information we have", Gerben Hardeman, manager of sustainable tourism at ANVR, said to the Volkskrant.

The ANVR is working with the center for sustainable tourism and transport NHTV, Hogeschool Zeeland and about a dozen travel companies to have a reliable calculator available by autumn. Among other things, the calculator will look at the climate impact of different forms of transport and accommodation and the information will be available in travel companies' brochures or o their website.

The aim is to have it immediately apparent which holiday in Europe will do the least climate damage so that consumers can make a responsible choice.