Journalist strolls into army base unhindered; Defense Min. investigating

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (Photo: Commons)Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (Photo: Commons)

Investigative journalist Alberto Stegeman managed to get into the army base in Oirschot and walk about unnoticed. Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert will investigate how he managed it, reports.

In an episode of SBS6 program Undercover in Nederland, Stegeman, dressed in camouflage clothing, can be seen walking about the army base, near soldiers and armored vehicles, completely undisturbed. "There is a big embarrassing breach in the security of Defense. And that in this time of terror", he says.

"Dressed as a soldier I managed to enter the grounds of the military base without being checked. Because of the camouflage I was not noticed. It was too easy", Stegman said to "If I succeeded, anyone can. Also terrorists."

On Friday Minister Hennis expressed her concerns. She called it "surprising, but I don't know the details yet". According to her, the base is equipped with a layered system of security. She will look into how the journalist managed to get in. "We live in turbulent times. The security must be in order", she said.

The D66 wants an explanation from the Minister. "It is very worrying that the security of the base is so bad", parliamentarian Salima Belhaj said. "What does that say about the other barracks? Especially in this time of terrorist threats, where barracks are potential targets, security must be completely on order. Out of precaution Defense personnel may not be on the streets in uniform, but now it turns out that our soldiers may be exposed to risk from lack of security on their own barracks, where they should feel safe."