Police find 5,000 kilos of cocaine in Antwerp, Two arrested in Breda

Port of Antwerp (Photo: Alf van Beem / Wikimedia Commons)Port of Antwerp (Photo: Alf van Beem / Wikimedia Commons)

Almost 5 thousand kilograms of cocaine was discovered in a container in the port of Antwerp last week. It is believed that the drugs were destined for the Netherlands. The Dutch police arrested to suspects, one in Breda and on in Drimmelen, in connection with the discovery.

The cocaine was discovered hidden among a load of pineapples on Monday, March 21st. As it is believed that the drugs were heading to the Netherlands, the Belgian authorities called in the Dutch police.

The drugs were removed from the container and the container was sent to its destination. On Tuesday a conveyor picked up the container and transported it to a warehouse in Drimmelen, where the first suspect was arrested. The second suspect was arrested in Breda a short time later.

The container was seized for further investigation. The suspects, men aged 33 and 51 years, are in custody for further investigation.

The cocaine has a street value of 150 million euros. The police are concerned that the confiscation of this large amount of cocaine may lead to another round of assassinations between criminal gangs. The criminal organization who owned the drugs may hold someone responsible for its loss and retaliate. The gang war raging in Amsterdam these past years also started with the disappearance of a large batch of drugs.