Family of alleged Dutch jihadist says he was killed

Aykut K., a 26 year old Doesburg man believed to be fighting for a terrorist organization in Syria, died some time ago. His family told Doesburg mayor Loes van der Meijs of his death during a discussion, the municipality confirmed to the Gelderlander.

According to the municipality, the family did not want to elaborate on the matter. So they can not comment on how, when and where K. was killed.

Aykut K. and two others were arrested in Rotterdam in November 2012. They were on the point to travel to Syria, presumably to join a terrorist organization like ISIS or Jabat al-Nusra. The three were thereby the first Dutch to be prosecuted for their intention to be foreign rebel fighters in the Syrian civil war. Back then K. claimed that he was going to Syria to visit family.

K. was allowed to await his trial in freedom, during which time he managed to sneak off to Syria. He left for the war-torn country in 2013.