Gang stealing solar panels from Dutch rooftops

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The police issued a warning about a gang stealing solar panels off rooftops in Noord-Brabant areas. Investigators are calling on witnesses to come forward.

The gang struck at least twice during the month of March. During the night between Sunday March 13th and Monday March 14th, 30 solar panels were stolen from the roof of a home on Hazeldonksestraat in Rijsbergen. A few days later, during the night between Wednesday March 16th and Thursday March 17th, the same happened at a home on Bredaseweg in Zundert.

The police believe that the same gang committed both thefts. They worked with the same methods, including breaking surrounding street lights so they can be about their business in the dark.

This is not the first unusual crime wave to hit Noord-Brabant. Over the past year, some 8,500 kilograms of cheese was stolen from the province, possibly to end up on the Russian market.