Neighbors shocked military shooting instructor held for murder

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Residents of Doctor Schaepmanstraat in Kaatsheuvel are shocked by the drama that unfolded in their street early on Wednesday morning. 48 year old military shooting instructor Robert was arrested for murdering his wife Dollie. Robert himself called the police.

The family's three children - a girl and two boys - remain unharmed. They were immediately moved to a safe location. It is unclear whether they witnessed what happened.

While the residents of the street do not have much contact with each other, most of them knew the family from the annual neighborhood barbecue. Several neighbors told newspaper AD that they had no knowledge of problems in the family.

"Actually we know nothing of the family" one resident said to the Telegraaf. "But we are certainly bewildered. They have a girl in the sixth grade and two boys in high school. A very ordinary family. And then this. The mother is dead and the father did it. Everything ruined." Another neighbor believes that the murder "must have been done in a fit of madness".

The Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force that works as a branch of the military -  arrested Robert. As he is a soldier, they will handle the investigation. Dollie also worked at the Marechaussee in a civilian post as career counselor. The Marechaussee would say little about the matter. "As usual we do the investigation ourselves. About the backgrounds of our employees, we will say nothing at this stage of the investigation", a spokesperson said to the Telegraaf.