Suspected underworld boss could get jail for threatening reporter

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On Wednesday the Public Prosecutor demanded four months in prison against infamous criminal Willem Holleeder for threatening crime journalist Peter R. de Vries in April 2013. As this happened during his probation, the Prosecutor also demanded that Holleerder's conditional release be revoked for the period of one year, AT5 reports.

Last year the court sentenced Holleeder to 46 days in prison for threatening De Vries. The Public Prosecutor appealed.

In January 2012 Holleeder was conditionally released from custody, after serving six years of a nine year sentence. His released was on the condition that he commit no offence during his probation period.

Some three months later Holleeder showed up at De Vries' door and threatened him. Holleeder was angry about a movie made about the Heineken kidnapping, which was based on a book De Vries wrote. The crime reporter immediately pressed charges.

The Prosecutor feels that by threatening De Vries, Holleeder definitely committed a crime in his probation period. The court will rule in two weeks.