Up to seven Dutch names in leaked ISIS data dump

Among leaked files of 22 thousand ISIS combatants is information on at least two, but maybe up to seven, Dutch jihadists, newspaper AD reports.

A fled jihadist gave the files to British Sky News on a USB stick. AD also managed to get its hands on the information. The ISIS personnel file consists of a list with 23 questions each jihadist answers before joining the terrorist organization. It contains information such as name, place of birth, education, contact persons, who recommended them to ISIS and what the jihadist wants to do for the terrorist organization - fighter or suicide bomber.

The first Dutch jihadist in the files is under the name Abu Ahlam al Holandi, born in 1994. He's been in Syria since May 2014. On the form he writes that he went to high school in the Netherlands and also lived in Belgium for some time. His contact person is his mother in Leiden. According to AD, his information is consistent with Leiden jihadist Reda.

Another Dutch name in the files is Abu Jihad al Hollandi. He was born in 1997 and is from Amsterdam. According to the newspaper, he is likely Achraf Bouamran, a young Amsterdam resident that left for Syria in December 2013. He was killed in an American airstrike on Raqqa in January last year. On his questionnaire Archaf wrote that he completed high school and worked in a grocery store. As contacts who can recommend him he gives Suluman al Holandi, Abu Hanifa al Bljiki and Zakariya al Holandi.

According to AD, Zakariya al Holandi is Dutch jihadist Victor Droste. He's been in Syria for several years and recently stated that he is still in the region, but not fighting For ISIS or Jabat al Nusra. Abu Hanifa al Bljiki is Belgian jihadist Hicham Chaid, beleived to be the head of the religious belief in Raqqa.

RTL Nieuws reports that there are five more Dutch names on the list, but gives no further details.