Claim: PVV leader was target of Hague attack

Former PVV leader in The Hague Leon de Jong was the target of an attack in which his "home address was known to the threatening party", he revealed on Thursday night in an open letter, the Telegraaf reports.

De Jong, now working at the PVV in the European Parliament, wrote this letter in response to statements made by Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen. In a letter the mayor denied that the municipality and the police failed to protect De Jong, following claims from the PVV that this was indeed the case.

The mayor does not describe how and when De Jong was protected exactly. "I obviously can not go into detail about the approach and measures taken", he wrote. He did state that the police and city council came into action immediately after De Jong reported the threat in August 2014. "Extra security measures" were taken at his home, his workplace and his life-partner's home.

In De Jong's letter, he states that he is completely surprised that his security situation was made public. "That is extremely undesirable for my current personal security situation and that of my family", he wrote.