Street bombing in Amsterdam Noord targeted a known criminal

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Residents on the Elpermeer in Amsterdam Noord were jolted awake by a detonated explosive at about 4 a.m. There were no injuries in the suspicious blast, which shattered apartment windows and car windshields.

One neighbor thought the explosive was a grenade because of the square shrapnel found on the ground, according to AT5.

A known criminal may have been the target of the blast, reports the Parool. A car rental company located in Landsmeer, just north of Amsterdam, has listed its registered business office address at one of the homes on the Elpermeer. A former owner of the car rental facility is Guido W., a Dutch-Uruguayan appealing his four-and-a-half year prison sentence in Belgium.

He was arrested by the Belgian authorities after they found a large marijuana plantation in a villa. He is also wanted for drug trafficking in Russia.

Police say they are investigating all angles of the bombing. “Maybe it’s an act of revenge by a local resident. I don’t know who lives there though,” one neighbor said to AT5.