Report: Prison worker stabbed while on duty

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A prison guard was stabbed in the side during a fierce fight between inmates and guards at the prison in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday, the Telegraaf reports. According to the newspaper, a prisoner deliberately stabbed the guard.

The fight happened in the Be section of the penitentiary institution, where many very serious criminals are housed. The weapon used to stab the guard was a butter knife that detainees use to prepare sandwiches in their cells, according to justice.

According to the newspaper, the fighting led to major unrest in the whole prison. Guards from other departments rushed to help their colleagues. A special Internal Assistance team, equipped with helmets, shields and batons, was summoned to calm things down.

The extent of the stabbed guard's injuries is unknown. A department head was also injured by prisoners a short time later, receiving a hard blow to his head.