Most voters expect cabinet to serve full term

At this stage 61 percent of voters believe that the current cabinet, Rutte II, will serve its full term. In October only 44 percent believed that this would be the case, according to a poll done by TNS Nipo and published on Friday, the Financieele Dagblad reports. 

Confidence in the current cabinet remains low. A massive 72 percent of the 1007 respondents indicated that they have little to very little confidence in the cabinet. And only 17 percent still believe the cabinet is capable of doing its job.

Maurice de Hond's latest poll shows very little movement in the political climate in the Netherlands. The PVV is still at the top with 39 virtual seats. Followed by the VVD, CDA and SP with 19, 18 and 16 seats respectively. The PvdA currently only has 9 virtual seats.

De Hond also asked respondents to indicate whether a party has a chance of their vote in the next parliamentary elections, even if it is only a small chance. This is to see where the competition between parties lies.

The PVV scored highest here too, with 33 percent of all voters seeing a chance of voting for the party. That is followed by five parties being very close together - VVD, CDA, SP, GroenLinks and D66, all between 26 and 28 percent. The PvdA is far behind with 20 percent.