Dutch suspect 20 asylum-seeking Syrians of war crimes

Klaas Dijkhoff (Photo: Rijksoverheid.nl/Wikimedia Commons)Klaas Dijkhoff (Photo: Rijksoverheid.nl/Wikimedia Commons)

At least 20 Syrian asylum seekers in the Netherlands are suspected of war crimes in their home country. Despite this, they can not be deported, State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice wrote in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Monday, AD reports.

A special group within the Immigration and Naturalization Service investigated 170 cases of suspected war crimes over the past years. Ultimately the past 2 years' investigations gave enough evidence to believe that 20 Syrian asylum seekers are war criminals.

The Ministry of Security and Justice will not say to which army these war criminals belonged to. Dijkhoff did report that so far only one person was arrested on suspicion of belonging to terrorist organization ISIS. The Ministry will also not comment on what war crimes these people are suspected of.

Dijkhoff wrote that the Syrian war criminals can not be deported, as international treaties prevent this. They can also not be arrested, unless the judiciary has enough evidence to prosecute them. In practice, this is nearly impossible, according to the newspaper. The Netherlands is not giving them any basic rights in the hopes that they decide to leave the country.