Abuse allegations detailed against IOC official, Ex-KLM boss

Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)

The woman who pressed assault charges against IOC official and former KLM CEO Camiel Eurlings, is former model and his ex-girlfriend Tessa Rolink. Eurlings abused her "intensely and for a long period", the Telegraaf reports.

At the hands of Eurlings, Rolink suffered a "concussion, a broken elbow, torn earlobes and bruises and abrasions all over my body", she said to a friend, according to the newspaper. And that is "still in addition to all the psychological effects". Its these psychological effects that resulted in her only reporting the abuse in December, while the assault happened in July already. "The photos of my injuris are in the police file", she said to a friend.

The police confirmed that a 33 year old woman pressed assault charges against a 44 year old man in December.

Another reason Rolink waited to go to the police, is because she was afraid of the media attention she expected this story will bring. She eventually decided to go through with it, because she felt that every woman beater should be punished, according to the newspaper. She hopes Eurlings will be punished and will get help so that there are no further victims.