Psychiatric treatment demanded in murder of Oma Toni, 96; Suspect: it was “worth it”

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The Public Prosecutor demanded compulsory psychiatric treatment in an institution against 25-year-old Vino H., the man who stabbed 96-year-old Oma Toni in De Pijp, Amsterdam last year. H. told the court that the stabbing was a one time thing and a mistake, though it was "worth it" to get back at his father, according to AD reporter Victor Schildkamp tweeting live from within the courtroom.

Iraqi born Vino H. from Arnhem stabbed Oma Toni in De Pijp on March 19th last year. She lived in the neighborhood for 78 years. He turned himself in to the police shortly after the stabbing. Oma Toni died in hospital a few weeks later.

H. told the court that he deliberately looked for an elderly or child victim, because he was afraid of being injured himself. He did not dare to take revenge on his father, who abused him for years, directly. He stabbed Oma Toni four times. "Twice in the head and twice in her stomach", he said to the court. "Stabbing someone does not suit me, but I felt I had to do it. With respect to my father, it was wroth it".

Vino H. tried to explain to the court that he would not ever stab anyone again. He considers this a one-time-only incident. "If I am freed, I just want to go back to school and work on my future.", he said.

The Public Prosecutor believes that the stabbing was an act of premeditated murder. And while there is a clear link between the stabbing and Oma Toni's death in hospital weeks later, the prosecutor can not demand prison time because experts ruled that H. is insane and not accountable.

According to the experts, Vino H. is schizophrenic and completely insane. Even more worrying because he does not seem to realize that he is mentally ill. They advise that his punishment be compulsory psychiatric treatment in an institution.