BMX racer’s murder “a mistake” says girlfriend

Elco Gjaltema (Photo: The Wheely's/Facebook)Elco Gjaltema (Photo: The Wheely's/Facebook)

The murder of Elco Gjaltema in Amsterdam last week was a case of mistaken identity, according to his girlfriend Eline. "He was a guy with a heart of gold." she said in an interview with AT5. "There is no reason why someone would do this. It's a mistake I think."

Gjaltema was gunned down in front of his apartment building on Oostelijke Handelskade at around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The motive behind his murder is still a mystery, but the police confirmed that he had no connection with serous crime.

"That particular night he walked out the door, I sat inside with the music on. I still sent him a message: 'I hear loud thumping outside'. When I turned the music down and looked out the window. I saw my car. Door open, lights on and Elco next to it", Eline said to AT5.

She watched emergency services try to save Elco's life, but to no avail. He died at the scene. "That image remains on your retina", she said to the broadcaster. "I was not allowed to go to him and not to see him. I understand that, but I just want to touch him one last time."

Eline decided to speak with the broadcaster, because she is afraid that the media will create the wrong image of Elco. "I want people to know how he was and how he was in life. That they know that, no matter what they see or hear on TV, or what people may say, he was a really good guy. He would never do anything wrong."


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