Ban asylum seekers who have no chance for a job, says business leader

Hans de Boer (Picture: Twitter/@2alljobs)Hans de Boer (Picture: Twitter/@2alljobs)

The Netherlands and other European countries should only accept asylum seekers who have a chance of finding a job. This selection process is absolutely necessary because Europe can no longer handle the influx of asylum seekers, says Hans de Boer, president of employers organization VNO NCW, in an interview with Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf.

"You let these people in based on a test. Where you ask, do you have a chance in our society? They are genuine asylum seekers, but you do not let everyone in." De Boer said to the newspaper. "The numbers have become so large that shelter and integration come under pressure and we are forced to let the chance of participation in society play a role in granting a legal status."

According to De Boer, his plan is an extension to the so-called Samsom-plan, in which there is a quota on how many asylum seekers EU member states will accept and the other asylum seekers are sent back to Turkey by returning ferry. 

Asylum seekers who don't have a chance of a future in Europe, should be sheltered in Turkey and other countries in the region, according to De Boer. "And we will have to make an effort to give them a promising life, no matter how difficult it is."


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