Small town shooting devastates survivors; Victim a “quiet, nice guy”

Ulas Iskar (Photo: Ulas Iskar/Facebook)Ulas Iskar (Photo: Ulas Iskar/Facebook)

Ossendrecht residents are shocked by the shooting that took place in the small town in the early hours of Tuesday morning. A man was found dead after gunshots were heard in a home on Burgemeester van Gilshof. The victim was Ulas Iskar, the chairman of football association Dosko, where Iskar was a member, confirmed to Omroep Brabant.

"It is terribly shocking", Dosko chairman Gaby Niemantsverdriet said to the broadcaster. "Ulas was only a member here for a year. I did not know him personally, but he seemed like a sporty, quiet, nice guy."

Iskar's trainer Zakaria Ben Slimane is also shocked by the news. "I saw him at the gym everyday. He was a hulk, but with a heart of gold. A golden guy that always helped everyone", he said to the broadcaster.

Commissioner of the King Wim van de Donk said on Tuesday that Iskar was likely the victim of revenge in the criminal world. A cannabis plantation was found in the house where Iskar's body was discovered. A window was broken. Neighbors saw eight men running away after hearing gunshots.



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