Dutchman slapped stickers on women’s breasts say German police

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The police in the German city of Rheine are looking for a Dutchman who they believe stuck stickers on German women's breasts on Monday last week. He is suspected of sexual assault, AD reports.

The Dutch suspect is a member of the Denekamp carnival association Greune Kottelpeerkes, who visited Rheine last week. A spokesperson for the local police would not say how many women complained about having stickers stuck on their boobs, or what punishment the suspect can expect. "But anything leaning towards sexual assault in Germany, is a very sensitive topic at the moment." the spokesperson said to AD.

According to Tubantia, the carnival association knows who the German police are looking for. The young man in question vehemently denies the charge and he is not planning to turn himself in. "I talked to the boy and he swore to me that nothing intolerable happened. I believe that", Tim Baalhuis, director of the association, said to the newspaper. He calls the sticker affair "very annoying".