Man cycling with rifle slung over his shoulder arrested

A man with a rifle draped over his shoulder while riding a bicycle through the city center in Tilburg was arrested early Monday morning, police said later in the day. Police initially wanted to stop him for cycling without lights, but the 27-year-old suspect tried to quickly flee the scene on his bike.

It happened at about 4:15 a.m. on Paus Adriaanstraat, police said. Officers surveilling the Noord-Brabant city spotted the man and chased him down. “When they caught up to him they saw that he had a rifle over his shoulder and a large suitcase in his hand,” police stated.

They managed to force him down and wrested “an old, rusty rifle” from him. They then found a drill in the suitcase, leading them to believe the man broke into a shed or garage in the area and stole both items.

Police were still holding the man in custody as of 10 a.m. They have not yet identified the owner of either the rifle or the drill.