Kargbo denies Netherlands football match fixing claim

Ibrahim Kargbo Matchfixing Willem II
Ibrahim Kargbo (Photo: KNVB). (Ibrahim Kargbo (Photo: KNVB))

Ibrahim Kargbo is denying accusations by Dutch football association KNVB that he was involved in match fixing during his time as player for Willem II.

Earlier on Monday the KNVB announced that mail conversations between Kargbo and known match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal prove that they agreed to manipulate the outcome of a match between Willem II and FC Utrecht in August 2009. The emails show that Kargbo and two other players were promised 25 thousand euros each for losing the match on purpose.

Kargbo vehemently denies this claim. "I have never been guilty of match fixing and never got any money", the former Willem II player said to the Brabants Dagblad. "I looked at the mail on which KNVB bases its proof with the police. The mail did not come from me. They are hunting me with no reason."