Labour chair: Anti-Islamist Wilders “dangerous” to democracy, society

Hans Spekman, chairman of the PvdA, thinks that PVV leader Geert Wilders is "dangerous" to democracy and society with his statements and calls on the public to revolt against asylum seekers, he said in an interview with NRC on Tuesday.

According to Spekman, the reaction to Wilders' words are far too temperate. "It's dangerous. I still believe that Wilders does not want the violence perpetrated in his name. But the remark about 'revolt' is a very stupid, unwise statement", he said. Spekman worries that the lack of response to these statements will lead the public to believe that this is normal. He wants Wilders to take back his statements. "The genie must be put back in the bottle, and Wilders has a role in that."

The PVV leader responded on Twitter on Tuesday morning. "First bring our country to the abyss and then say that I myself am a danger?" he tweeted, adding the hashtag #niksgeleerdvanpimfortuyn - translates to "learnt nothing from Pim Fortuyn".

Spekman also expressed his concern about the incidents surrounding information evenings about asylum centers, such as the riots that broke out in Heesch and Geldermalsen. He calls it a dangerous development. "Militias are being created in our country to together, in the same outfit, keep people from speaking at meetings." Threats to councilors are damaging to democratic decision making, he added.