Fake coke dealer likely cleared of murder, could get four years prison

Dealer suspected of selling white heroin as cocaine (Picture: Politie)Dealer suspected of selling white heroin as cocaine (Picture: Politie)

The Public Prosecutor asked that Flip S., suspected of selling white heroin as cocaine to tourists in Amsterdam, be acquitted of three murder charges against him. There is not enough evidence to conclusively prove that he sold three British tourists the white heroin that later killed them. S. did hear the prosecutor demand a four year prison sentence against him for the attempted manslaughter of three Danish tourists and drug trafficking, according to AD journalist Peter Winterman tweeting live from within the courtroom.

Whether or not S. is actually the so-called coke-killer is still a mystery. During a break in the trial, the press officer said that it can not be ruled out that the "real" coke-killer is still out there and will create new victims.

In court on Tuesday S. told the judge that the first time he dealt drugs were to the three Danish tourists in February 2015. With his statement he seems to want to create the impression that he more or less accidentally bumped into the Danes, who asked him for cocaine. He coincidentally just bought some cocaine himself and decided to sell it to the tourists to make some cash. He insists that he had nothing to do with the British tourists and had no idea that he was selling white heroin instead of cocaine. He was completely shocked when he found out, he told the court. "When I heard that I had sold white heroin, my heart stopped."

The prosecutor believes that S. did not know he was selling white heroin, but thinks that he should have made the connection. He was aware of the Amsterdam municipality and Public Health Service' campaign warning that white heroin was in circulation as cocaine. So he was aware of the risk.