Deputy PM hits back, mocks his anti-Semitic Facebook commenters

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and Employment decided to address the people sending him antisemitic, racist and insulting comments on social media. In a long Facebook post he answered several of them by name.

"I notice that because of you I often no longer respond when people approach me on social media. For that reason, here is an answer now - I know that you are looking for dialogue - after that I will again focus on those seeking a real conversation.", the Deputy Prime Minister writes.

"Firstly I would like to compliment all those who managed to make a joke about my name. Not only do I find ASScher very clever, it is also international." he writes. "I found aSScher even more sophisticated, because it is also a subtle reference to the notorious German SS lies. Always a laugh."

The Minister receives many messages via Twitter and Facebook, often with references to his Jewish descent and allusions to World War II and the Holocaust. There are also a number of comments about his great-grandfather Abraham Asscher, one of the chairmen of the Jewish Council who worked with the Germans during WWII.

"I understand that after discovering this delicate aspect of my family history you have an explanation for my political views." he writes, citing a Twitter user by his Twitter handle and quoting one of his tweets as "maybe describing it best". The tweet reads: "Asscher would rather crawl into a Muslim bum than stand behind his own people. Like his grandfather, who also enjoyed working with the occupiers! The pervert.". He also quotes a tweet about his position on Zwarte Piet (that things must change) and how it connects to his family history. The tweet reads: "Asscher is exactly like his grandfather! Working with the enemy! Fuck you Asscher! Disrespectful dog!" The tweet was by the same person. "Let me first say that I do not like disrespectful dogs", Asscher writes.  "Dogs must show respect."

The Deputy Prime Minister goes on to respond to several other Tweets and comments. the full post can be seen .

"Dear guys, I stop - though I still have not answered many of you. Ordinary work calls", Asscher ends his message. "May I carefully advise you for the next time that you post such a reaction to first show the tweet or post to your mother? Or your daughter, for that matter? If she finds it a good idea, go ahead and post it. Do not walk around with it."

He signs the post: "Regards, Lodewijk (you know my surname)"