Criminals take advantage of police radio security hole

Criminals make use of a device to keep track of the emergency services' secure communications system C2000. The device shows them exactly how far away emergency service vehicles are from where they plan to commit a crime, according to the Telegraaf.

The device is called Target Blue Eye. It costs about a thousand euros and is intended to warn road users that an emergency vehicle is approaching. According to the manufacturer's website, the intention is to increase traffic safety. "Extensive research in recent years showed that emergency services approaching at high speeds frequently result in dangerous maneuvers by road users, through which accidents regularly occur." can be read on the website.

But according to the newspaper, the device is particularly popular with burglars and robbers. The criminals use it as a digital lookout. It shows them how far away the police is and they can calculate how long it will take them to arrive at the scene of the crime.

A spokesperson for the National Police told the newspaper that they are aware of the device, but can do nothing against it as it is not illegal. "The use is not illegal and it is up to the legislature to ban these devices if necessary", the spokesperson said.

The C2000 system is an encrypted method of communications used by the emergency services. It replaced the old-style police radios, which criminals could listen in on with scanners.