Groningen university supervisor arrested in fraud, money laundering case

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The Technical Management supervisor of the University of Groningen was one of eight people arrested in a large scale fraud and money laundering investigation, a spokesperson for the university confirmed to RTV Noord.

The tax authorities investigation department FIOD raided six homes and two business premises on Monday, including the home of the supervisor. Three cars, a boat, bank accounts, a trailer and 11 thousand euros in cash were seized.

The supervisor is considered the main suspect in the investigation. He is suspected of getting money from a number of installation and construction companies in exchange for contracts and jobs for those companies. The exact amounts are still unclear. The other suspects include the man's son and daughter-in-law.

The investigation must reveal whether the man also committed fraud at the University. He worked at the University for 33 years. The university suspended him pending the outcome of the investigation and told the broadcaster that they are cooperating fully with the FIOD. "We are very shocked that this could happen", spokesman Gernant Deekens said to the broadcaster. "It is very annoying for the university."

The supervisor was arraigned on Thursday and remanded back into custody for at least another 14 days.