House of city councilman aiding asylum seekers bombarded

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Councilman Andries Jumelet's house in Yerseke was bombarded with eggs and fireworks on Thursday night. He also received a note warning him to stop working for an asylum center in the town, NU reports.

Jumelet and his wife are both very active in working to help asylum seekers. On Tuesday Jumelet is handing in a motion for a small-scale asylum shelter in former retirement home Vredelust. His wife is collecting signatures to support this motion. The note Jumelet found in his mail box read: "Yerseke says no to asylum center, this time it is only eggs, stop collecting signatures".

"I won't let this stop me" Anneke Jumelet said on Friday. Her husband agrees. "I learned that you should not succumb to such pressures", he added.

Jan Huisman, mayor of Reimerswaal under which Yerseke falls, told the police that he is shocked by this "totally unacceptable" incident. "It can not be allowed that vandalism silences the mouth of an elected councilor. I call on witnesses to inform the police so that we can identify the perpetrator", he said.

The police are investigating the case.