Dutch MP resigns to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Wassila Hachchi (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bart Rietveld)Wassila Hachchi (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bart Rietveld)

D66 parliamentarian Wassila Hachchi resigned from the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, and is heading to the United States to campaign for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her political party announced on Wednesday.

Hachchi was a parliamentarian for five years. She spoke represented the D66 on Defense and the Dutch interests in the Caribbean. "Her tough interrogations during the parliamentary committee inquiries into housing corporations are also notable," said D66 leader Alexander Pechtold. "I wish her all the best for the future.

Newly-elected lower house leader Khadija Arib thanked Hachchi for her services as parliamentarian, pointing out her efforts in several political committees. "I wish her every success in America with a job that, whatever the outcome may be, affects the whole world," Arib said.

Hachci was not present in the Tweede Kamer when she was thanked for her service. She is the third D66 parliamentarian to leave before her term is up. In May last year parliamentarian Gerard Schouw left the faction, followed by Magda Berndsen in November.

She will be succeeded in parliament by Salima Belhaj, currently the leader of the D66 in the Rotterdam city council.